SINCE  1963
We are located in the heart of downtown Glendale Arizona which is just 13 miles north east of the Phoenix International Raceway.  Our present facility was built in 1994 and has recently expanded to provide our customers with access via the internet with orders and questions.

We are a full service automotive machine shop and have a well qualified staff with a 120 combined years of experience we can assist you with your balancing needs.

Our shop is equipped with Stewart Warner balancing equipment and specializes in industrial balancing, muscle car engines, industrial/agricultural engines, and antique engines.

Our  custom specialities include racing engines and street rod engines,  We are also a authorized Arizona distributor of 110 octane and 100 octane unleaded  Sunco Racing Fuel.

We do : Vatting, Magnafluxing, Boring blocks, Complete engine balancing, Honing, Align hone , mains, Resizing of rods, Replace cam bearings, Decking blocks, Valve jobs, Heat strighten aluminum heads,
We pressure test heads,and blocks.
We grind crankshafts, Polish crankshafts, Surface flywheels,Turn drums and rotors , and Press work.
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